It’s all about the process

Well it’s not all about the process. The process can have a lot to do with it though. Especially if what it is that you are interested in, is Success. Another term for process in work flow. As the saying goes: If you just do what you’ve always done, you’ll just get what you’ve always got. Following a similar line of logic, if you just do the same as does your competition, how can you stand out and be a winner?

Don Bradman is widely acknowledged as one of the best batsmen of all time. He had a unique method of practice while growing up that involved hitting a golf ball with a cricket stump against a curved water tank. What do you do to stand out from the crowd?

Have you ever sat back and thought about how your business operates? Have you ever considered the indirect attributes that can help take your business from being good to being great? How do you encourage collaboration in your organisation? How do you keep track of and improve the morale of your employees? How could you improve the relationships your business has with it’s clients? What is the breakdown of a typical day for you? Is it ideal? Could you structure it better? What about your employees typical day?

Let’s consider collaboration. It’s a simple idea. The potential benefits are huge. Yet successful implementation can be intricate and difficult. There are two key aspects in this; culture and information paths. People aren’t going to be open to sharing ideas if, for instance, they are worried that someone else is going to benefit from taking credit for it. People aren’t going to even know they have knowledge to share if they are not aware of what others are working on and the problems they are facing. They are also not going to be bothered if it is too much effort.

If we are going to foster collaboration in the organisation we are going to have to make changes in our processes to cater for it. A good tool that can aid in this is an intranet. An intranet can have many benefits but with respect to collaboration it can help open up communication and make information and knowledge flow transparent. Employees are visiting the intranet regularly and in doing so they are inadvertently seeing what others are working on. They can then offer advice via the intranet in an open way that also identifies them as the ones providing the advice. It is also easy as they were already on the intranet to perform some other task.

What is important to remember however is that the intranet didn’t solve the problem. What it did do was complement the process and in that way help to make it successful. Technology can provide many benefits to an organisation but you need the right processes for it to work with.

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