Change your Job without actually changing your Job

I want you to reflect a bit on what it is that you do in your day to day work.  Now I want you to summarise this into one sentence.  I’m willing to bet that your sentence is of a materialistic nature.  Something along the lines of.  “I develop software”  or  “I create marketing campaigns for a marketing firm”  or   “I manage a team creating product X”.  We’re going to look at this from a different point of view and see how it changes the way you feel about your job.  See if it improves your job satisfaction.

One day, whilst visiting the NASA space centre, JFK asked to a man sweeping up in one of the buildings. “What’s your job here?” To which the man replied “Well Mr President,  I’m helping to put a man on the moon“.

This cleaner probably felt much better about his job than most other cleaners.  Yet he was doing exactly the same task.

This man chose to look at the big picture.  He saw that although what he was doing was meager it was still helping in achieving something great.  That would have changed entirely the way he enjoyed his work.

So how are you going to change your preception of what it is that you do?

Take your job and your reflections on it from earlier.  Now think about it from this point of view:

My job is to improve the lives of others.  In doing what I do I make others happy.

I can think of very few jobs where you can not apply this point of view.

Your work now has a grand purpose.  A really good and fulfilling purpose.  You’ll feel motivated and inspired. Others around you will feel this and react positively.  This in turn will drive you to do better,  to do your best.  Your life will improve in several ways.

You will be happier. How can you not be when positive feedback from people you are interacting with.

You will be building a reputation. A good reputation.  One that will be noticed and that will come back to benefit you in many ways.  Don’t exptect the benefits to become immediately obvious.  But it will be building up and they will come.

It’s like building up savings.  At first you don’t really see any benefit.  You are putting deposits into your account but it is small and the interest you are earning is similarly tiny.  But it is slowly building,  and if you keep at it then a few years later there is a large amount of money in your account and the interest you are getting is noticable,  and the rate of growth is definite.  Reputation will grow in a similar fashion.

Make today the day you go out and realise that you are making a difference,  and for the better.


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