Focuspad helps your creative writing

Creative writing is an important aspect of many things you want to do.  Yet little attention is given to the tools you use in your writing tasks.  I have created Focuspad as a tool to help minimise distraction and maximise focus when undertaking creative writing tasks.

We compose a lot of material today on the web.  Many existing editors are not the most conducive to elegant writing however.  Focuspad has been created as an answer to this.  Focuspad is a Moodle module that is suited to managing a variety of writing tasks including:

  • Reading/ learning logs
  • Assessments
  • blog style writing
  • Essays and reports
  • Teaching how to write in certain styles
  • and more

A variety of different avenues have been explored in order to create an environment that is conducive to creative writing.  As little effort and focus as possible should be on the editor itself so the maximum amount can be given to the actual content.  The editor environment should also elicit a calm and relaxed frame of mind to create an open and creative atmosphere.  Finally the writer should not be left to drift,  they should be subtly reminded what the target is that they are writing for.

Focuspad aims to achieve all of this.  It’s default colour scheme aims to be calm overall but instill a degree of passion around the target for the writing.  The editor automatically stretches to full screen so that as much of the writing can be viewed at once as possible.  Editing functionality is kept to a minimum to stop people getting distracted by bells and whistles.  A notes section is provided to encourage the writer to plan their content.  Everything else is removed from the screen to remove sources of distraction.

A lot of effort is often put into techniques and styles of writing.  We hope that Focuspad can be a useful tool in considering the flip side of the coin which is the environment in which you do your creative writing tasks.

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