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Todo lists in Moodle

Last week we released Trackpad,  a todo list/ task list activity for Moodle.  This activity has a lot of potential and several ways in which it can be used.  Todo lists are useful in many different ways and education is definately one of them.

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Your Catalyst to Success

You’re either a leader,  looking to take your team to the next level.  Or,  you are looking to give yourself an edge.  Either way,  there are two elements you should consider in order to jumpstart this transformation. These elements in themselves won’t guarantee your success,  and they are definately not a silver bullet.  If you want success you’re going to have to work hard to get it.  Considering these two elements however will help ensure that your hard work is focused and effective.

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Adding Focuspad into your Moodle Classes

Focuspad has been out for a few months now and it is starting to be used in various places and teachers are finding some interesting uses for it.  What we are going to look at here is a course that a PE class set up that has worked particularly well.   All the activities integrated and worked towards a single goal.  The general structure of the class can be set up without the use of Focuspad but they found it to be particularly useful.

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Visual or textual methods of education?

Recently I was involved in a discussion regarding the use of visual and textual content in education.  This arose out of a presentation I did on some of my tools (Focuspad and Trackpad)  both of which present material in a textual manner.  The discussion centered around which methods were most effective but in reflecting on this discussion I have had some valuable insights.

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