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Moodle Activity – Revision/ interest glossary

The glossary activity is quite an interesting activity within Moodle.  It is one of these activities that was designed for one specific purpose but turns out to be very applicable to many others with a bit of tweaking.  Especially when combined with the Random Glossary Entry Block.  Let’s have a look at some of these.

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100 Steps to Greatness – Build a Sand Sculpture

Second week of the 100 Steps to Greatness challenge and this week we’re going to craft a sand sculpture.  Highlights of the day included becoming part of the sculpture myself and seeing a bunch of kids destroy it later.

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Moodle Activity – Create a reverse quiz

In this activity we’re going to reverse things a bit.  This time the students are going to create the quiz and the teacher is going to take the quiz.

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The next big thing on the Internet

The web appears to me to be evolving in a fairly predictable way.  It’s the features that are unpredictable.  There are two patterns at play here and they interrelate.  Following on from this one can predict the general direction of where we are headed.

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Moodle Activity – Manage Group Roles

Why not run your class through a mock court case,  or business meeting,  or any group structure.  Moodle provides some awesome tools to facilitate this.

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100 Steps to Greatness – The first week

Well this has been the first week of my challenge and I thought I’d dive in the deep end.  One of the challenges is to start a group or club and this is something that is going to take more than a single week to do.  But I have started and last week involved some research,  some organising and some promoting.

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100 Steps to Greatness – The Challenge begins

Join me in my quest to tick off all of the 100 Steps to Greatness,  1 week at a time.  The gauntlet has been laid down,  I have accepted the challenge,  do you have the unstoppable drive,  the stubborn motivation and the insurmountable greatness to do similar?

(Or you can just be lazy and read here about my epic adventure)

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Moodle Activity – Web Scavenger Hunt

Why not organise a scavenger hunt on the web for your students?  The internet is a vast mountain of information and with a bit of direction your students can find some valuable information,  and maybe stumble across some unexpected gems along the way.  This is the first in a series of posts on creative classroom ideas you can run utilising Moodle.  Read on to find out more.

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First Brainstorming Session

Last Thursday we held the first Sydney Teachers Brainstorming Group.  The topic was how we could maximise educational potential and minimise distractions in the use of laptops in the classroom.  We utilised the Six Thinking Hats method.  It was quite a success and we all learnt quite a bit.  The following is my thoughts and opinions on the night. Continue reading ‘First Brainstorming Session’