100 Steps to Greatness – The Challenge begins

Join me in my quest to tick off all of the 100 Steps to Greatness,  1 week at a time.  The gauntlet has been laid down,  I have accepted the challenge,  do you have the unstoppable drive,  the stubborn motivation and the insurmountable greatness to do similar?

(Or you can just be lazy and read here about my epic adventure)

Yesterday I released meahq.com which is a series of online tools you can use in your quest to become great.  They are a series of tools that I have been using for a while now and which a lot of very successful people also use in various forms.  Now I have brought them together in one convenient place where people can take advantage of them,  allowing you to organise your life for success.  One of the most interesting and exciting of these is the 100 Steps to Greatness.

100 Steps to Greatness is 100 challenges designed to help propel you on your path to success.  It is a series of challenges that will:

  • get you out of your comfort zone
  • challenge you to think about your life in different ways
  • give you a range of exciting and new experiences
  • increase your self confidence

Diving In

Now,  I couldn’t ask others to undertake the challenge unless I was willing to undertake the challenge myself.  (Well I could but that just wouldn’t be as fun now would it?)  And to prove that I am in fact doing it,  and having an exciting and beneficial time in doing so I am going to chronicle my journey here in this blog.  Next week it begins!

I am going to endeavour to tick one step off my list every week and write about my experience here.  So come back regularly to see how I’m going.

If you’re interested to see what is on the list you’ll have to create an account at meahq.com.  In doing so you will have taken your first step to greatness and I’m sure you’ll enjoy and benefit from using the tools there as much as I have.

(I know,  I could have listed them here,  but that just seems like it’s making life too easy for you and life wasn’t meant to be easy.)

If you too chose to take on the 100 Steps to Greatness challenge I’d love to hear your comments also.

Let the Adventure Begin!!

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