Moodle Activity – Manage Group Roles

Why not run your class through a mock court case,  or business meeting,  or any group structure.  Moodle provides some awesome tools to facilitate this.

So,  your class is going to run a mock court case.  What you have identified are the following players:

  • Judge
  • Jury
  • Defendent
  • Prosecutor
  • Witnesses

First off we need to decide who is going to play which role.  We’ll set up a choice activity and put in the relevant roles.  We can also take advantage of the ability to set limits on those choices.  For instance we only want one judge so we’ll limit that to one but we want 10 jurors so we’ll set that limit at 10 and so on.

We’ll set the choice activity to allow for students to change their mind and set a deadline of Friday.  The students have a few days to decide but it is a first come first served system.

Once it’s all done then the choice activity becomes a nice record of who is doing what that both the students and teacher can refer too.

This works nicely for any activity where the students have to choose between different roles.

It may also be used slightly differently in order to mix up assignments.  For instance,  you may have an assignment which has 5 different topics that the students may choose to base it on.  You want to ensure an even spread however.  Assuming there are 20 students in the class then I would set up a choice activity with the 5 options and set a limit of 5 for each topic (to allow for a little flexibility).  Then the students go in and choose their topics.

For both of these activities I would consider incorporating a forum as well where students can haggle over choices.  An example of this may be where someone wishes to be on the Jury in the previous example.  If all the positions are already taken then a message can be posted asking if one of the current members wishes to swap.

This system works nicely as the students have to learn to negotiate in the allocations.

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