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Spiderman was lucky

Spiderman is extremely lucky that his enemies decided to base their activities in the city.  Could you imagine Spiderman trying to fight them out in the county?

Where TV’s should be headed

I think there is a real market for TV’s that aren’t actually TV’s.  Sounds illogical but I’ll explain.  What I want to overcome is redundancy and the fact that in current setups we combine several devices but those devices all seem to be designed to differentiate and stand out from the rest rather than combining nicely into one overall consistent system.

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Moodle Activity – Course as an Intranet

This time we are going to give the students full control.  Full control of a course that is.  Moodle has a strong focus on communication and this is also an important aspect of an intranet.  What we are going to do is allow our students a certain degree of freedom but in a way that we can manage. In doing so we will give the students ownership and motivate them to get involved.

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