Where TV’s should be headed

I think there is a real market for TV’s that aren’t actually TV’s.  Sounds illogical but I’ll explain.  What I want to overcome is redundancy and the fact that in current setups we combine several devices but those devices all seem to be designed to differentiate and stand out from the rest rather than combining nicely into one overall consistent system.

It seems to me that a lot of people buy a TV only to plug another device into it to handle the watching of TV (TIVO or such).  Then you plug a player into it (DVD, BluRay etc) and a console.  An amplifier is thrown into the mix typically as well (normally sitting between the devices and the TV).  This is a model that has evolved and now I think is an ideal time to take a step back and look at cleaning it up.

First off,  I think we need to remove duplication.  If you are going to make use of a device for handling TV management then let’s remove the tuner from the TV.  I also think the amplifier has had too much put into it and should be reduced back to being just a simple audio amplifier.

What I would like to see is just a plain screen.   It has several inputs on the back for you to plug your devices into and passes the audio through to the amplifier.  Take the tuner and the speakers out of the television and instead put a few more input connections on the back.

How many connections you need is next to consider.  The setup we looked at above had 3 devices connected.  Let’s double that to 6 and then maybe add 2 more for good measure bringing it to 8.

Now we have a simplified monitor that is the center of the setup.  Next let’s tackle control.  I hate having multiple remotes.  Let’s simplify this by including a universal remote with the Monitor.  Something like Logitech’s Harmony remotes.  For this to work,  the remote has to be good.  If it is styled to match the look of the monitor and it’s interface then you have the real possibility of producing a system that can blend all your devices into one seemingly whole unit.  Brilliant.

What I now have is a system with less redundancy and the ability to present itself as one whole coherent system.  I’m not saying you should remove the tuner from all TV’s,  just that for a lot of people this may be a better solution.


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