Conscription for teaching

What if you had to teach?  Many countries have or have had conscription.  What if we had a similar scheme but it related to teaching.  Think of how different the world would be.

There are many benefits to teaching.  Not just teaching as in teaching at school but teaching as in teaching anybody anything.

Teaching somebody else something tends to:

  • clarify your thoughts and understanding on the subject
  • offer the opportunity to see different perspectives
  • change your attitudes
  • be great for personal development
  • create a sense of value and achievement
  • many more….

Imagine this.  Once you hit a certain age you have to do a certain period of teaching.  You can do this in various formats so for instance you could:

  • teach full time for a year
  • teach part time at a community college or uni or school
  • teach a sport or particular hobby
  • teach music or art
  • teach a trade
  • etc…

We could split it up so you did part of your teaching when you were younger and part when you were older.  This way when you are younger you can benefit from what you learn from teaching and when you are older you can revisit those benefits but also have some really good knowledge to pass on.

How would this effect society?  Could it have a positive impact on trouble makers?  Could it create a greater sense of community?  Could it improve the general level of happiness in the community?  Could it be the launchpad for massive improvements in technology?  Could it open up untold opportunities to many that would have missed them otherwise?

Imagine the Possibilities

Why not start the process today by offering to teach somebody something or asking someone else to teach you something?

If you are interested you can find a discussion on this topic here.

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