Moodle Activity – Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose your own adventure books are fun.  You have an element of control and that makes you part of the story.  Why not create a choose your own adventure story in Moodle using a variety of activities including the Lesson activity.

We are going to use the lesson activity to hold the story.  Before we get to that however we need to do some planning.

First off you want to get the class to work out what the storyline is going to be.  For this we will use a forum but we’ll spice things up a bit by using some structured brainstorming.  You can find examples of how you could do this here.

You’ll probably get a few ideas out of the brainstorming session so a choice activity to let the class decide on which one to go with would be your best bet.

After that you are going to need to do some character development.  A database could be a good tool for that.

Now your students are going to need to plan out their story and all the paths it could take.  I think a variety of activities could be used here.  You may end up using several.  Forums would be beneficial.  A wiki may be useful for allowing the students to structure the story.  A glossary could be a good way for them to keep track of important concepts such as places or items of interest in the story etc.

You will probably find that all of these will need to be complemented with off-line activities as well.

Nearing completion you may want to lay out a todo list to help keep them on track.  You can include items such as Deciding on branch points,  testing the final story etc.  Trackpad is a free addon for Moodle that would be good for this.

Now once you have the story planned the next part is to implement it.  What you are going to do is create a Lesson activity but override the permissions on it so that the students have control.  If the students are working in groups you can great several and assign each one to a different group.

You will probably need to teach the students how to set up a lesson activity as they are not straight forward.  You could pick some of the better students and teach them,  then get them to teach the others.  You could even create a wiki and allow the students to create documentation themselves.

Encourage the students to be creative with it.  They could just use normal Multiple Choice question pages to create a normal Choose your own adventure style story.  Or they could include pages with short answer,  matching or numerical questions in interesting ways.

This is a fairly big project but it is a good example of how we can use several Moodle activities together to create an engaging unit of work for students.

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