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Creating tools that people will use

A new tool or gizmo is purchased.  You are eagerly anticipating what it will do for you and how it will make your life better.  After a few weeks though the magic wears off and you find yourself using it less and less.  This is a common scenario.  While there is no silver bullet that can alleviate this we can understand it which will lead to better decisions.

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Brainstorming with Quantumplation

Effective brainstorming is reliant on being able to find different perspectives from which to view the topic.  Unfortunately we are creatures of habit and this does not come easily for us.  Fortunately there are tools which can help us achieve this.  Quantumplation is one of these tools.

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Moodle Activity – Student Welfare

Students will often not let you know when they are in trouble.  Trouble can be defined as several things including,  being bullied,  not understanding the material,  having other bad things happening etc.  What we need is an easy way for students to let us know when things are not ok.  Moodle gives us just this.

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