Moodle Activity – Student Welfare

Students will often not let you know when they are in trouble.  Trouble can be defined as several things including,  being bullied,  not understanding the material,  having other bad things happening etc.  What we need is an easy way for students to let us know when things are not ok.  Moodle gives us just this.

I saw this originally demonstrated at a school in Sydney.  I forget the school so if you know which one it is leave me a comment so I can acknowledge them.

We are going to use a choice activity to allow students to inform us if they need attention.  This works well as it is a single simple step that students can perform without anyone else knowing.  Teachers can then contact them by whichever means is most appropriate to help rectify the situation.

For example,  we may place a choice activity in our course that has a single question:

Are you falling behind or struggling to understand the material?

There will be two options,  Yes and No.

Students are free to go in and update their response at any time.  Publish results is set to ‘Do not publish results to students’ so that they cannot see who has answered.

As a teacher you can go in at the end of each day and if there are any names there you know you need to chase it up.

This can be applied in many ways.  eg,  you could put a choice activity on the front page of your Moodle installation with a question like:

Are you being Bullied?

The school counselor can check this activity regularly and chase up any students that submit a response.

This is very flexible and you can put in any questions that you like.


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