Random Words, The Magical Booster for Creativity

You are a creative person.  Did you know that?  But how creative are you?  I’m willing to bet you are actually a whopping dollop more creative than you realise.  Try the proven technique below for yourself,  on your team,  for your class and see how high your talent can soar.

The tool we are going to take advantage of is random words.  Random words are powerful and flexible.

Let’s say you have to come up with that killer idea for your project.  That idea that is unique and powerful and destined to make you shine.  The idea is already swimming around in your mind (or your teams minds),  we just need the right tool to get it out.  The problem is that we are creatures of habit.  When you ask people to come up with new solutions to a problem they will likely come up with the old solutions they already had and not stray very far from there.  You need to venture out of the comfort zone to find those brilliant pieces of gold. For many this is scary.  You have to realise it is exciting though.

So what you do is grab a random word or list of words and use them as your stimulus.  An ideal tool for generating these random lists of words can be found here:

Creativity Games Random Word Generator


You could:

  • pick a single word and use this as stimulus
  • pick two words and use them both as stimulus
  • pick two words and create separate ideas from both then combine those ideas into new ideas
  • pick three words and come up with solutions using all three possible pairs of words
  • pick four words,  split them into pairs and create solutions using each pair
  • pick eight words and force yourself to come up with an idea for each word in order as quickly as possible,  then repeat
  • etc

Be creative.  Once you exhaust a particular word or list of words then refresh the list and start again. Or pick a different number of words and try a different approach.  Many of the ideas will not be useful or feasible but don’t fret.  This doesn’t mean they are wasted.  They are all leading you down the path to your great ideas.  Great ideas are like most other items of value,  you have to put in work and effort to attain them.

Another bonus of the Random Word Generator listed above is that it includes a series of creativity improving games that you can play.  Play them regularly and you will improve your creative tendencies.

This technique is simple and easy.  The power lies in the fact that the random words will most likely not be related to the problem at hand (and most likely not to each other either).  Finding solutions will hence force you to be creative and to find those novel connections.

You can use the random word generator for many purposes including:

  • brainstorming for new ideas
  • improving your creativity
  • clearing writers block
  • waking up your audience or team
  • getting people in an open frame of mind at the beginning of a meeting
  • adding interest to your classes
  • finding new opportunities
  • generating interest in a topic
  • many more

Make the random word generator a part of your routine and unleash your creative potential.

3 Responses to “Random Words, The Magical Booster for Creativity”

  1. 1 anju November 12, 2010 at 5:32 am

    these are amazing material and teaching strategy should be changed traditional ways , because in this age their is need to foester creativity among students

  2. 3 sunwukong November 29, 2010 at 2:12 am

    I used a similar technique in the military. When planning an operation I would browse over one of our “Brevity Code” books. This small book contained nearly every item or component idea that we dealt with. It was a sure fire way to focus in on things that you may have left out.

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