10 Funky Things to do with a Random Word Generator

A random word generator is a very funky and versatile tool.  Here are a sample of 10 things you could do with one.   No doubt you can think of many more.

  1. Simple creativity building games – play regularly as an awesome way to exercise your creative thinking.
  2. Brainstorming – there are many ways you can incorporate them into your sessions as a stimulus to get you thinking differently.  They are an effective means to spur you to come up with new ideas rather than the same old same old.
  3. Cure for Writers block – several ways you can tackle this. eg.  Grab 2 random words and write.  Grab 2 more and write again.  Rinse and repeat until your inspiration is revived.
  4. Pictionary – you know the game.  Grab a word and proceed to try and draw it.  For even more challenge,  try 2 or even 3 words at once.  Can you tackle several words with the one picture?
  5. Impromptu speeches – Grab 2 random words and that is the topic of your speech.  Will be guaranteed to keep things fresh.
  6. Inspiration for a project – several ways to tackle this but if you’re stuck on where to start,  random words may be the ideal place.
  7. Basic passwords – you shouldn’t use this approach for anything important obviously but if it’s just something simple you want to protect then this could be an easy and simple way.
  8. Party games – generate 2 random words then see who can be the first to get someone else (not part of the challenge) to say the words.
  9. Naming things – need to name your team,  or group or something like that?  Why not grab a random word,  see if you can create a name from it.  Grab another one and see what you can do with that.  Repeat until you have created a name you like.
  10. Exploring – you can find amazing things when you go exploring.  Alas,  we are creatures of habit and sometimes need a bit of help to find those hidden paths.  Pick a random word then chuck it into Google or search for it on WordPress and see what you find.  When you get bored of that word,  pick another one and try again.  For real interest,  try it with 2 random words.

Now get out there and have fun.

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