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100 Steps to Greatness – The first week

Well this has been the first week of my challenge and I thought I’d dive in the deep end.  One of the challenges is to start a group or club and this is something that is going to take more than a single week to do.  But I have started and last week involved some research,  some organising and some promoting.

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100 Steps to Greatness – The Challenge begins

Join me in my quest to tick off all of the 100 Steps to Greatness,  1 week at a time.  The gauntlet has been laid down,  I have accepted the challenge,  do you have the unstoppable drive,  the stubborn motivation and the insurmountable greatness to do similar?

(Or you can just be lazy and read here about my epic adventure)

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My kinda uninformed stab at predicting Browser Trends

I’ve been developing some stuff for the web lately and right now I feel a bit like this (ok,  it wasn’t really that bad).  Anyways,  it got me thinking about browsers and their trends.  Firefox seems to be picking up.  Apple is putting a lot of effort into Safari.  Google is doing great things with Chrome.  MS has released IE8 which I suppose is kinda in the same league but from what I’ve heard is still losing ground to the others.  So I thought I would check out some of the stats over at Net Applications.  I found it quite intruiging.  So I thought I would go and make some wild predictions. Continue reading ‘My kinda uninformed stab at predicting Browser Trends’

Kevin Rudd’s Stimulus package, unobvious benefits

There has been a fair bit of criticism of Kevin Rudd’s stimulus package for the Australian people.  Many believe that handing money to people and asking them to spend it is not the best use of this money.  I think this scheme actually has a lot of indirect advantages.  It’s an elegant way to tackle several issues.

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Refine or rebuild

You have a problem and it needs solving.  You have a current solution but it isn’t quite there.  You think that to refine the existing solution isn’t going to cut it.  A more elegant solution could be found by cutting your losses and starting over,  to rebuild from scratch.  Your boss however doesn’t want to do that as it will cost too much and potentially take a lot longer.  Let’s look at this from both sides of the argument. Continue reading ‘Refine or rebuild’

100 ways to collaborate effectively

Collaboration is easy.  Collaboration effectively can be hard.  I would like to gather and share 100 (or more) ideas on how to collaborate effectively.  But this is going to be a collaborative effort so I want you to leave your ideas as comments.

Please don’t leave anything obvious like “we use email” or “we have a meeting and discuss things”.  I want more profound contributions such as “this is how we use email”  or “we structure our meetings as such to promote…” etc