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Conscription for teaching

What if you had to teach?  Many countries have or have had conscription.  What if we had a similar scheme but it related to teaching.  Think of how different the world would be.

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How to use technology

Technology in the digital age has not given us anything we don’t already have.  It has only given us new ways of doing them.  Once you come to realise this you come to realise that you have a lot more flexibility and power than what you thought you had.  This can be scary.
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Brainstorming is like Teaching

Brainstorming is like teaching.  On the surface there is little difference between what an excellent teacher does and what a poor teacher does.  The magic happens in subtle imperceptible ways.  Similarly,  when running a brainstorming session,  the difference is not immediately obvious.

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Perspective is the key to finding Gold

We all exist in the same world.  We create different opportunities however.  We are looking at the same things but we are seeing them from different perspectives.  This is why some people find gold where others have only found rubbish.

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Understanding the iPad and how to use it

I have written a few posts lately regarding the Apple iPad.  It is a device that is really intriguing to me.  Partly due to what it is,  and partly due to the reaction it has generated.  The next few months will give us some very valuable insights into how people work, how people think they work and how you may work more efficiently.  I think a lot of people think these ideas are very closely aligned for them whereas I fear that for many they are actually quite far apart.

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Apple tablet or Apple tablet/ netbook?

Everyone else is throwing around predictions on what Apple will reveal on the 27th.  So let’s jump on the bandwagon and add our own 2c worth.  I reckon Apple will and will not release a tablet.  Read on for just what I mean by that.

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Thoughts on text input for Apple Tablet

There is a lot of hype at the moment surrounding the supposed Apple tablet.  Many people have been speculating on what features it will have and what the interface will be like.  Of particular interest is how you will enter text on an Apple tablet.  This got me thinking about how you could do this efficiently.

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