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Prediction: Nokia becomes Microsofts hardware division

This last few days has revealed very interesting developments between Microsoft and Nokia.  Here are my predictions for what the long term plans are for the companies.

Nokia’s CEO is an ex MS guy.  And surprise surprise,  he decides to partner with MS for Windows Phone 7.  Nokia had to do something,  their current strategy definitely wasn’t going anywhere.  I think there is more to this than just partnering to make Windows phones however. Continue reading ‘Prediction: Nokia becomes Microsofts hardware division’

Understanding the iPad and how to use it

I have written a few posts lately regarding the Apple iPad.  It is a device that is really intriguing to me.  Partly due to what it is,  and partly due to the reaction it has generated.  The next few months will give us some very valuable insights into how people work, how people think they work and how you may work more efficiently.  I think a lot of people think these ideas are very closely aligned for them whereas I fear that for many they are actually quite far apart.

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Apple tablet or Apple tablet/ netbook?

Everyone else is throwing around predictions on what Apple will reveal on the 27th.  So let’s jump on the bandwagon and add our own 2c worth.  I reckon Apple will and will not release a tablet.  Read on for just what I mean by that.

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Thoughts on text input for Apple Tablet

There is a lot of hype at the moment surrounding the supposed Apple tablet.  Many people have been speculating on what features it will have and what the interface will be like.  Of particular interest is how you will enter text on an Apple tablet.  This got me thinking about how you could do this efficiently.

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