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Delegate and Prosper

We all have our strenghts and weaknesses.  We also have our passions.  The things we love to do.  The things we tend to be great at becase we can devote time,  attention and focus to them with little effort and because we really care for the end result and appreciate the finer details.  Wouldn’t life be great if you could spend most of your time working on these things? Imagine what amazing creations you could produce. Continue reading ‘Delegate and Prosper’

It’s all about the process

Well it’s not all about the process. The process can have a lot to do with it though. Especially if what it is that you are interested in, is Success. Another term for process in work flow. As the saying goes: If you just do what you’ve always done, you’ll just get what you’ve always got. Following a similar line of logic, if you just do the same as does your competition, how can you stand out and be a winner? Continue reading ‘It’s all about the process’