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5 Simple Games to Develop Creativity and Problem Solving Ability

The following word games are a fun and simple way to develop creativity and problem solving ability.

Strong problem solving ability is important for many professions.  It is a skill however that is somewhat lacking in today’s education systems.  It is easy to incorporate into your classes and the plan below is an effective way to do just that.

Plan of Attack

A solid foundation in problem solving is created through a set of strategies that should become second nature to students.  We can develop this through simple games to promote creativity.  Begin each of your classes with a simple word game and use it to illustrate an important strategy.
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Moodle Activity – Competitive Wiki

The wiki is an awesome tool for collaborative learning.  Let’s take it one step further though and add some motivation.  Let’s turn it into a competition.

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Moodle Activity – Brainstorming

Students attend school to learn.  But what is it that they are actually there to learn?  Is it the class material?  Or is it something else.  I believe that the main aim of school is not to learn the material but to learn how to learn and to learn how to organise (to organise yourself,  to organise yourself,  to organise your life,  to organise you life).  You go to school to learn how to think. This is the fundamental skill that is going to determine how successful you are in your life.

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Adding Focuspad into your Moodle Classes

Focuspad has been out for a few months now and it is starting to be used in various places and teachers are finding some interesting uses for it.  What we are going to look at here is a course that a PE class set up that has worked particularly well.   All the activities integrated and worked towards a single goal.  The general structure of the class can be set up without the use of Focuspad but they found it to be particularly useful.

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Learning from your mistakes

Making mistakes can actually be good for you.  The other day I acted without thinking and said something in a very poor manner.  I made a mistake.  I apologised however still felt bad about it.  After thinking about it for a while however I realised that making the mistake actually has some positives.  Mistakes are an opportunity to learn many things.  Observing mistakes is no substitute for experiencing mistakes.

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An easier lifestyle

Our lifestyles are increasingly getting faster paced.  The number of things we have to keep track of is increasing.  Complexity is growing.  Yet wasn’t technology supposed to make everything easier?  Why do we find ouselves having less and less time despite having technology that can do more and more for us?

I think a large part of it has to do with the process.  Let’s say a piece of technology, X, is created and it allow you to do a certain task, A, in 1/2 the time it used to take.  So the company you work for buys X and gives it to you who is doing task A and says something along the lines of “How funky is this” .  Typically the end result would be that you are now expected to do task A at roughly twice the rate.  Stress increases and job satisfaction reduces.  Why? Continue reading ‘An easier lifestyle’

Analysing Yourself, Observing Others

One of my jobs is as an Academic at my University.  In this role I have been fortunate enough to do subject coordination,  lecturing and tutoring for a variety of subjects.  As a result I have been able to observe and explore the aproaches of many students from a diverse set of backgrounds including different countries,  cultures,  ages,  levels of experience, desires,  strengths and weaknesses and so on.  It has fascinated me to watch them learning and understand how they actually go about doing it. Continue reading ‘Analysing Yourself, Observing Others’

Learning is part of the process

For some people the thought of learning conjures up pictures of sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher blather on about something they are not particularly interested in.  Others think of it as the attaining of a new skill or piece of information.  When I think of learning,  I think of a process that is going on constantly.  It’s not just the aquiring of new ideas,  skills and knowledge.  It’s the refining of ideas,  skills and knowledge you also already have.  And your mind is doing this all the time,  with everything you do regardless of whether you want it to or not,  even in your sleep. Continue reading ‘Learning is part of the process’