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100 Steps to Greatness – Build a Sand Sculpture

Second week of the 100 Steps to Greatness challenge and this week we’re going to craft a sand sculpture.  Highlights of the day included becoming part of the sculpture myself and seeing a bunch of kids destroy it later.

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100 Steps to Greatness – The first week

Well this has been the first week of my challenge and I thought I’d dive in the deep end.  One of the challenges is to start a group or club and this is something that is going to take more than a single week to do.  But I have started and last week involved some research,  some organising and some promoting.

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100 Steps to Greatness – The Challenge begins

Join me in my quest to tick off all of the 100 Steps to Greatness,  1 week at a time.  The gauntlet has been laid down,  I have accepted the challenge,  do you have the unstoppable drive,  the stubborn motivation and the insurmountable greatness to do similar?

(Or you can just be lazy and read here about my epic adventure)

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Change your Job without actually changing your Job

I want you to reflect a bit on what it is that you do in your day to day work.  Now I want you to summarise this into one sentence.  I’m willing to bet that your sentence is of a materialistic nature.  Something along the lines of.  “I develop software”  or  “I create marketing campaigns for a marketing firm”  or   “I manage a team creating product X”.  We’re going to look at this from a different point of view and see how it changes the way you feel about your job.  See if it improves your job satisfaction.

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Learning from your mistakes

Making mistakes can actually be good for you.  The other day I acted without thinking and said something in a very poor manner.  I made a mistake.  I apologised however still felt bad about it.  After thinking about it for a while however I realised that making the mistake actually has some positives.  Mistakes are an opportunity to learn many things.  Observing mistakes is no substitute for experiencing mistakes.

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