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Moodle Activity – Character Development

Your class is writing a book or creating a play.  You need to develop characters and you want a structured way to approach it.  Why not use a database in Moodle.

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Moodle Activity – Competitive Wiki

The wiki is an awesome tool for collaborative learning.  Let’s take it one step further though and add some motivation.  Let’s turn it into a competition.

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Moodle Activity – Brainstorming

Students attend school to learn.  But what is it that they are actually there to learn?  Is it the class material?  Or is it something else.  I believe that the main aim of school is not to learn the material but to learn how to learn and to learn how to organise (to organise yourself,  to organise yourself,  to organise your life,  to organise you life).  You go to school to learn how to think. This is the fundamental skill that is going to determine how successful you are in your life.

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Moodle Idea – Student frame of mind

How often have you thought about what frame of mind you are in while you are doing something?  Have you ever thought about how your frame of mind might effect how you approach that activity?  I’m willing to bet your students mostly give little thought to this as well.  Let’s see if we can change that.

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Moodle Idea – mix things up a little

Conventional wisdom states that things should be consistent.  When things are consistent then people are comfortable,  they know what to expect,  things are easier for them.  Unfortunately people also become complacent when things are consistent and this is not always desirable in effective teaching.

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Moodle Activity – Course as an Intranet

This time we are going to give the students full control.  Full control of a course that is.  Moodle has a strong focus on communication and this is also an important aspect of an intranet.  What we are going to do is allow our students a certain degree of freedom but in a way that we can manage. In doing so we will give the students ownership and motivate them to get involved.

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Moodle Activity – Revision/ interest glossary

The glossary activity is quite an interesting activity within Moodle.  It is one of these activities that was designed for one specific purpose but turns out to be very applicable to many others with a bit of tweaking.  Especially when combined with the Random Glossary Entry Block.  Let’s have a look at some of these.

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