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Moodle Activity – Competitive Wiki

The wiki is an awesome tool for collaborative learning.  Let’s take it one step further though and add some motivation.  Let’s turn it into a competition.

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Achieving greatness in your work

This is not so much a post on how you can transform yourself into someone great but a look at how you can greatly improve the outcome of yoru projects and tasks.  (Though obviously in doing so you will ultimately achieve the former which is good too.)  It is not a silver bullet but a means by which you can project yourself forward on a path of constant improvement.

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Change your Job without actually changing your Job

I want you to reflect a bit on what it is that you do in your day to day work.  Now I want you to summarise this into one sentence.  I’m willing to bet that your sentence is of a materialistic nature.  Something along the lines of.  “I develop software”  or  “I create marketing campaigns for a marketing firm”  or   “I manage a team creating product X”.  We’re going to look at this from a different point of view and see how it changes the way you feel about your job.  See if it improves your job satisfaction.

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