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Lecture 3, Operating Systems – Process Management

In our previous lecture we looked at how information is stored in a computer system.  This week we are going to finish off our look at operating systems by investigating how information is managed when it is being processed.  This is an area of much interest at the moment as we move into an environment where multiple cores and multiple CPU’s are increasingly common.  This is introducing a whole range of new problems and complexities that we haven’t fully solved yet.  The next few years are going to produce some very exciting new developments.

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Lecture2, Operating Systems – the File System

In our first lecture we looked at the user interface.  We looked at how users go about entering data into,  and retrieving data from a computer system.  This data has to be stored somewhere,  however,  so in this lecture we followed on to look at how file systems work.  While an end user doesn’t usually need to concern themselves with the particulars of the file system their computer is using,  an IT professional should. An understanding of how filesystems work can be important to developing software that works efficiently,  it can also help sometimes in terms of troubleshooting.  Even if you don’t use it for any of these,  having a good understanding is still beneficial from a mindset point of view. Continue reading ‘Lecture2, Operating Systems – the File System’