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Method in Madness in Method

Can you see the spark?

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An easier lifestyle

Our lifestyles are increasingly getting faster paced.  The number of things we have to keep track of is increasing.  Complexity is growing.  Yet wasn’t technology supposed to make everything easier?  Why do we find ouselves having less and less time despite having technology that can do more and more for us?

I think a large part of it has to do with the process.  Let’s say a piece of technology, X, is created and it allow you to do a certain task, A, in 1/2 the time it used to take.  So the company you work for buys X and gives it to you who is doing task A and says something along the lines of “How funky is this” .  Typically the end result would be that you are now expected to do task A at roughly twice the rate.  Stress increases and job satisfaction reduces.  Why? Continue reading ‘An easier lifestyle’

Analysing Yourself, Observing Others

One of my jobs is as an Academic at my University.  In this role I have been fortunate enough to do subject coordination,  lecturing and tutoring for a variety of subjects.  As a result I have been able to observe and explore the aproaches of many students from a diverse set of backgrounds including different countries,  cultures,  ages,  levels of experience, desires,  strengths and weaknesses and so on.  It has fascinated me to watch them learning and understand how they actually go about doing it. Continue reading ‘Analysing Yourself, Observing Others’