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Perspective is the key to finding Gold

We all exist in the same world.  We create different opportunities however.  We are looking at the same things but we are seeing them from different perspectives.  This is why some people find gold where others have only found rubbish.

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100 Steps to Greatness – Build a Sand Sculpture

Second week of the 100 Steps to Greatness challenge and this week we’re going to craft a sand sculpture.  Highlights of the day included becoming part of the sculpture myself and seeing a bunch of kids destroy it later.

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100 Steps to Greatness – The Challenge begins

Join me in my quest to tick off all of the 100 Steps to Greatness,  1 week at a time.  The gauntlet has been laid down,  I have accepted the challenge,  do you have the unstoppable drive,  the stubborn motivation and the insurmountable greatness to do similar?

(Or you can just be lazy and read here about my epic adventure)

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Your Catalyst to Success

You’re either a leader,  looking to take your team to the next level.  Or,  you are looking to give yourself an edge.  Either way,  there are two elements you should consider in order to jumpstart this transformation. These elements in themselves won’t guarantee your success,  and they are definately not a silver bullet.  If you want success you’re going to have to work hard to get it.  Considering these two elements however will help ensure that your hard work is focused and effective.

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Achieving greatness in your work

This is not so much a post on how you can transform yourself into someone great but a look at how you can greatly improve the outcome of yoru projects and tasks.  (Though obviously in doing so you will ultimately achieve the former which is good too.)  It is not a silver bullet but a means by which you can project yourself forward on a path of constant improvement.

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Develop habits, not processes

People like to have processes and procedures for doing things.  It makes life easier and safer because you have a structure to follow.  At the same time however this can reduce your potential for creativity.   If you want to create a better environment to foster creativity then you should look at establishing habits.

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