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How to use technology

Technology in the digital age has not given us anything we don’t already have.  It has only given us new ways of doing them.  Once you come to realise this you come to realise that you have a lot more flexibility and power than what you thought you had.  This can be scary.
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Understanding the iPad and how to use it

I have written a few posts lately regarding the Apple iPad.  It is a device that is really intriguing to me.  Partly due to what it is,  and partly due to the reaction it has generated.  The next few months will give us some very valuable insights into how people work, how people think they work and how you may work more efficiently.  I think a lot of people think these ideas are very closely aligned for them whereas I fear that for many they are actually quite far apart.

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Time Travel Gap

What if you invented a time machine and went back in time and grabbed the old you and then went forward in time to where you first left off?  You wouldn’t exist for a period of time.  Which would also potentially mean you weren’t there to invent said time machine.  Which would then mean you wouldn’t be able to go back in time to stop yourself and so on.

If you were the first person to invent time travel,  how hard would it be to resist wanting to try this experiment out?

Moodle Activity – Course as an Intranet

This time we are going to give the students full control.  Full control of a course that is.  Moodle has a strong focus on communication and this is also an important aspect of an intranet.  What we are going to do is allow our students a certain degree of freedom but in a way that we can manage. In doing so we will give the students ownership and motivate them to get involved.

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Moodle Activity – Create a reverse quiz

In this activity we’re going to reverse things a bit.  This time the students are going to create the quiz and the teacher is going to take the quiz.

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The next big thing on the Internet

The web appears to me to be evolving in a fairly predictable way.  It’s the features that are unpredictable.  There are two patterns at play here and they interrelate.  Following on from this one can predict the general direction of where we are headed.

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More buttons does not equal better experience

The other day my friend got a new mouse.  It has nine buttons and a 5 way scroll wheel on it.  When browsing around my local computer store todays keyboards like they would be more at home in an airplane cockpit.  It seems new keyboards are in an arms race to see who can cram the most buttons on them.

Why?  Why do gadgets constantly get more complex?

And is the answer really more buttons?

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My kinda uninformed stab at predicting Browser Trends

I’ve been developing some stuff for the web lately and right now I feel a bit like this (ok,  it wasn’t really that bad).  Anyways,  it got me thinking about browsers and their trends.  Firefox seems to be picking up.  Apple is putting a lot of effort into Safari.  Google is doing great things with Chrome.  MS has released IE8 which I suppose is kinda in the same league but from what I’ve heard is still losing ground to the others.  So I thought I would check out some of the stats over at Net Applications.  I found it quite intruiging.  So I thought I would go and make some wild predictions. Continue reading ‘My kinda uninformed stab at predicting Browser Trends’

Stumbling around the Interweb pays off.

I like to spend a lot of time stumbling around the internet.  It is not uncommon for people to associate this activity with slacking off or time wasting.  I however see it as a great source of inspiration and new ideas. It is an important ingredient in leaving average behind and setting great in your sights.  I think you need a certain knack or approach however to be successful at it.

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Essential command line tools – A quick and dirty toolbox

Nowadays it’s all about the GUI.  Many people have never used the command line,  or are fearful of it. It’s that thing that nerds and geeks use isn’t it?  I don’t want to touch that,  it’s way too hard and I’m sure I’ll break something?  And the like.  Can’t you just download me a program that’ll do what I want?

It’s normal behaviour to avoid what we don’t know,  to be fearful of what we don’t understand,  to want to stay within our comfort zone,  to give up control and let someone else do it all for us.  But it needn’t be this way.  I’m going to outline below a small set of commands that will get you well on your way to being more productive in a short period of time.

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