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Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

Here’s a simple little activity that can have a large effect on your ability to come up with ideas and be creative.

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Brainstorming with Septines

Septines can be a powerful tool to aid in effective brainstorming.  It is beneficial to understand how and why they work however.
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Perspective is the key to finding Gold

We all exist in the same world.  We create different opportunities however.  We are looking at the same things but we are seeing them from different perspectives.  This is why some people find gold where others have only found rubbish.

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Moodle Idea – mix things up a little

Conventional wisdom states that things should be consistent.  When things are consistent then people are comfortable,  they know what to expect,  things are easier for them.  Unfortunately people also become complacent when things are consistent and this is not always desirable in effective teaching.

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The next big thing on the Internet

The web appears to me to be evolving in a fairly predictable way.  It’s the features that are unpredictable.  There are two patterns at play here and they interrelate.  Following on from this one can predict the general direction of where we are headed.

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100 Steps to Greatness – The first week

Well this has been the first week of my challenge and I thought I’d dive in the deep end.  One of the challenges is to start a group or club and this is something that is going to take more than a single week to do.  But I have started and last week involved some research,  some organising and some promoting.

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