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Moodle Activity – Web Scavenger Hunt

Why not organise a scavenger hunt on the web for your students?  The internet is a vast mountain of information and with a bit of direction your students can find some valuable information,  and maybe stumble across some unexpected gems along the way.  This is the first in a series of posts on creative classroom ideas you can run utilising Moodle.  Read on to find out more.

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Todo lists in Moodle

Last week we released Trackpad,  a todo list/ task list activity for Moodle.  This activity has a lot of potential and several ways in which it can be used.  Todo lists are useful in many different ways and education is definately one of them.

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Visual or textual methods of education?

Recently I was involved in a discussion regarding the use of visual and textual content in education.  This arose out of a presentation I did on some of my tools (Focuspad and Trackpad)  both of which present material in a textual manner.  The discussion centered around which methods were most effective but in reflecting on this discussion I have had some valuable insights.

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