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Understanding the iPad and how to use it

I have written a few posts lately regarding the Apple iPad.  It is a device that is really intriguing to me.  Partly due to what it is,  and partly due to the reaction it has generated.  The next few months will give us some very valuable insights into how people work, how people think they work and how you may work more efficiently.  I think a lot of people think these ideas are very closely aligned for them whereas I fear that for many they are actually quite far apart.

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Lecture 1, Operating Systems – User Interfaces

In our first lecture we started off by looking at user interfaces.  This is a nice place to start as it is the first and main part of a computer users experience. It is also one that users tend to put remarkable little thought into in general.  It is a part that ICT professionals should be very familiar with if they are going to successfully help people to get the most out of their technology. Continue reading ‘Lecture 1, Operating Systems – User Interfaces’

Improve productivity by Tailoring your Desktop 1/3

For a large number of people the majority of their work is done in front of a computer.  Yet it surprises me how many people have a default desktop layout and have put very little thought into tailoring it to suit their needs.  I think you are missing out on a lot of potential gains by not doing this.  Now the desktop for me goes beyond just what you see on your screen.  The directory structure you use for storing files and also your physical desk layout play a part in how you will use your computer and are all important.  Over the next 3 posts I will focus on each of these and how you can make your life more pleasant and productive. Continue reading ‘Improve productivity by Tailoring your Desktop 1/3’